Best Turntables For Under $ 2000

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The sound of vinyl is one that is difficult to replace. It has a characteristic that no other medium can replicate. Until now! The best turntables for under $2,000 offer the same pleasures as the old-fashioned record player with some modern upgrades like anti-skate control and adjustable pitch control with quartz lock speed. This review breaks down each turntable so you know which one will be right for your needs!

Review 1) 1 BY ONE

Belt Drive Turntable Vinyl Stereo Record Player

Wanted something new in the record player department? This record player is a breath of fresh air and brings music back to life. It plays records with ease, and even allows you to listen wirelessly. Tired of listening on your phone or laptop? This borderline futuristic vinyl record with wireless connectivity, a built-in phono pre-amp, a USB digital output with a magnetic cartridge, with 33 or 45 RPM speed  will give you an optimal sound experience that does not require tons of cords either!

Review 2) Audio-Technica

Professional DJ Turntable

This is a truly professional audio turntable that has all the features you could want in a high-quality DJ rig. With 100% manual operation, three (3) speed settings, and an output cable that can be detached for anyone who would like to take their turntable on the go with them. And if need ever arises, a counterweight is provided along with felt mat to absorb vibrations from your record collection and perfect dust cover to protect your valuable investment.

 Review 3) Sony PS-LX310BT

Sony’s PS-LX310BT is a diehard vinyl lover’s dream come true. Let the album jacket art transport you to your carefree youth, while experiencing your favorite artists with a modern twist courtesy of Sony’s high quality audio fidelity. Tired of pesky neighbors banging on the windows from their third floor apartment just because you want to turn up Carly Rae Jepsen, her time for dominance has finally arrived in this era of digital music! Connect through Bluetooth Wireless or wirelessly using RCA cables and go wild while doing it old school style.

 Review 4) Crosley


The Crosley CR704B-GY is the ultimate in cutting edge home entertainment. Its built-in Bluetooth receiver technology makes this system the perfect time killing device for any party or gathering where people with communication devices are available to connect.

 Review 5) Fluance


What could be more classic than the “record store” vibe with a record player? This sound system takes you back to earlier times, while also being built with today’s technology. You won’t have to worry about your records getting scratched as we made it out of virgin vinyl platters and it has Philips cartridges that will keep you in good shape for years to come. Plus this bad boy comes with everything you need: a tonearm, turntable, cartridge & stylus. So stop collecting dust on old CDs and cassettes–it’s time for some new tunes!

 Review 6) Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC

With the introduction of this dynamo, we’re aiming to say goodbye (for good!) to skipping records and wonky sound. 1 more thing: yes, it’s gorgeous!

Review 7) Audio-Technica


Need a reliable record player? Look no further. This Audio-Technica stereo turntable plays both 33-1/3 and 45 RPM vinyl records, features stylized sound of vinyl with a sleek modern design as well as classic tones, has a built-in phono preamplifier to provide stylishly loud sounds. Listen to the little details you may have missed on your favorite Beatles album when it first dropped all those years ago! Available in three colors: black, white, or walnut brown—for truly individual styles.

Review 8) Audio-Technica


The LPW40WN is the perfect entry-level audiophile turntable for those who are ready to take their vinyl listening experience to the next level. With its all manual design, this affordable deck will hold up well against heavy use and feels like an industrial powerhouse with its sturdy frame, belt drive operation, and clean construction that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality. The AT-LPW40WN introduces a number of firsts in a sub-$1000 turntable: full hydraulic cartridge tonearm lift control; 3 speeds (33 1/3, 45 rpm & 78 rpm) – two buttons on upper left might be confusing at first; Tonearm features built in phono preamplifier with switch for line or phono outputs.

Review 9) Denon DP-400 

Following the changing trends in hipster and vintage aesthetics, Denon has created a stunning and stylish turntable that will bring your old records back to life. Bring all of your nostalgic memories back by playing favorite albums on this attention catching piece of equipment. The DP400 comes equipped with both MM and MC cartridges for noise-less playback at 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM speeds. Keep it artsy with this fashionable vinyl player.

Review 10) Music Hall


The old sound of the past. Longing for simple pleasures, this turntable is a throw back to simpler days. The affordable price doesn’t skimp on any features, but instead brings you an experience like no other. Though it can be used with ease and will give you years of listening pleasure in your living room or home office, we recommend using a pair of earbuds if it’s going to stay near your television–to avoid interference from the TV while leaving vibrations dampened by the platter mat.  The MMF-1.5 is a turntable that’s been designed to be used and enjoyed with absolute ease, so you don’t have to break your back anymore during setup – simply insert the vinyl record and set the speed.

Review 11)  Audio-Technica


We just announced a new product – the AT-LP7. It’s our most compact audio system (so far!). We wanted to show you why it’s so cool without getting all wordy, so we figured “why not take a selfie?”

Not only does it have high-quality sound reproduction and vibration control technology, but it has important features for those in crowded rooms:  The fact that everybody loves sharing music is not lost on us. And if more than one person wants to listen to records at once, or if there are kids around with hyperactive ears like mine – then this becomes an issue; but fear not friends! Audio-Technica solves your dilemmas with this mean machine’s exclusive

Review 12)  Teac TN-4D

Set your records spinning right again with this turntable. The sleek, new streamlined design allows for less vibration and better quality sound than ever before. This player also features a universal head shell so you can easily swap out your vinyl records for any type of record on the market today in just seconds flat. For those seeking an excellent gift for that woofer-lover in their life, look no further: it’s perfect to play the jams at mealtimes or while doing dishes – or after dinner even! It’ll help them get back to their old favourites without traveling all over to find them one copy at a time.

With a newly developed, lower-profile brush-less DC motor exclusively for direct drive and sleek cabinet design, this vinyl record player from Teac has the essential features of anti-skating mechanism and universal head shell. This is the first choice to equip your living room with classy vintage flare!

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