Best Bicycle Adventures in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica boasts a diverse natural landscape including mountains, lush forests, and vast coastlines. All these make Costa Rica a cycling paradise. People go out on weekends with cars loaded with bicycles for enjoying cycle riding. The country boasts hundreds of cycling routes. One can climb steep mountains, enjoy the thrill of spectacular descents, get immersed in the local culture, and enjoy the Pura Vida essence. We have gathered 6 bicycle riding adventures that you can do there. Read on!

1. Explore San Jose on a Bicycle

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The best way to explore any international city is by cycling. It lets one cover more ground in a day, and smell the city culture. Biking through San Jose delivers a memorable experience to get acquainted with the city vibe. Because of the high-density traffic, biking in San Jose is a real adventure. One can go through the historical district of Barrio Amon, a couple of parks, markets, and cool coffee shops in historical structures. One can also ride to a craft brewery. If your want to take a tour outside San Jose, you may visit Orosí Valley to see the oldest Catholic church in the country.  It also takes one to coffee plantations, Tapantí National Park, cattle farms, and agriculture fields to get away from the hustles and bustles of the city.

2. Ride around Arenal

Arenal happens to be the adventure hub of Costa Rica. Cycling along Lake Arenal is a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Costa Rica. Riders pass through forests, lakesides, volcanic vistas, etc. There are trails near Arenal Volcano National Park. They let one explore the jungle, teaming with wildlife, at the foot of the mountain. Riders can begin their tour in La Fortuna and finish with a refreshing dip in thermal hot springs. It suits riders of all levels, and families as well. By taking this, you are likely to come across coatis, monkeys, tropical birds, and a swarm of butterflies along with blooming flowers. One can also cycle through the unpaved roads near Lake Arenal to El Castillo or take the paved road on the northern side. The routes stretch about 13 kilometers. Cycle riders will experience an elevation gain ranging from 280 to 800 feet based on the route they choose.

3. Cycling in Nosara

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Nosara is the ideal place for those who fall for off-the-beaten-cycling-path. This small beach town is on the Nicoya Peninsula and offers some of the best cycling tours in Costa Rica. Whether you prefer leisurely rides along the coast, or adventures for an adrenaline rush, Nosara offers something for everyone. The place boasts a network of trails meandering through jungles. They deliver a stunning tropical experience to the riders.

4. Ride the Las Catalinas Trail

Las Catalinas offers a network of multi-use single-track trails that surround the beach town.  These trails pass through lowlands and also wind up along the coastal cliffs. They offer an incredible panoramic view of the area. There are trails that suit beginners and some of them are for experts. These trails are named Inico, Principal, Punta Guachipelines, etc. Bikers can take any trail or combination of trails. One can easily ride on these trails for adventure or can take a guided tour.

5. Bicycle the Rincon de la Vieja

If adventure travel is in your DNA you must take a bike tour of Rincon de la Vieja. It is a magical place for riding adventures. Taking this, you will come across the volcano, waterfalls, rainforests, and abundant animal life. It boasts trails ranging from six to nineteen miles that wind through stunning landscapes. This ride will give you enough heart pumping and you will return home with a tanned and more toned body.

6. Pacific Cycle Ride

If you prefer a physically demanding but unforgettable riding experience, you must take the pacific cycling adventure. Beginning on the Pacific coast it takes one on an incredible journey through the central highlands.  One can start from San Jose and cycle south into Orosi Valley, and then reach Caribbean plains full of banana plantations by passing through coffee plantations and volcanoes. Alternatively, you can ride from San Jose to Santa Clara, Arenal, Samara, and Carrillo, and return to San Jose.

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