Family Vacation in Costa Rica. Will You Have Fun?

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Costa Rica in Central America is blessed with 212 kilometers (132 miles) of the Caribbean coastline and 1016 kilometers (631 miles) of the Pacific coastline. The vast expanse of the Costa Rica shoreline makes it an incredible vacation destination. It also boasts legendary rainforests and volcanoes.

The Costa Rican tourism industry made all endeavors for easy access to the natural wonders. Everyone from a kid to a senior member of a family can enjoy this wonderful place for tropical adventures. No matter if you love to relax on beaches, white water rafting, hot springs, or watch the wide variety of wildlife, or good food, or luxury hotels, Costa Rica can satiate all. It happens to be a child-friendly destination that sparks the love for adventure. One can go to Costa Rica from major U.S. airports. All these make it a family-friendly destination.

It is natural to have some reservations while taking your family to a foreign country. People always ask about what they can expect, safety, and other things. This blog will cover everything you need to know for planning a family trip to Costa Rica and explain why it is so.

Reasons For A Family Vacation In Costa Rica

Costa Rice is the best place for a family vacation for the following reasons.

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  • Incredible climate: Costa Rica sits on the Central American Isthmus between the Pacific and the Caribbean. It boasts a tropical and sub-tropical climate. The average temperature throughout the year ranges from 70° to 81° Fahrenheit (12° to 27° Celsius). Tourist activities reach their peak from December to April.  Although Costa Rican summer is humid, the refreshing breeze delivers a comfortable experience. People visit the place to enjoy its weather with their families.
  • Abundant adventures: Costa Rica is the ideal place for families who like to spend their vacations actively. Other than relaxing on the beaches and exploring the incredible rainforest, they can enjoy many water sports including rafting, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming in the waterfall, and much more. Costa Rica also offers zip-lining opportunities for those who want an adrenaline rush. Costa Rica also boasts incredible national parks teeming with a variety of plant species and wildlife. Kids can enjoy their vacation the way they want.
  • Stunning beaches:  The gorgeous coastline and warm weather made Costa Rica a paradise for a family vacation. Costa Rica boasts some of the most scenic beaches in the world with waves suitable for surging and swimming.  Having a large number of surfing camps, the place is perfect for beginners to learn surfing. Costa Rica also offers incredible sunset views.
  • Wonderful Culture: Costa Rica is proud of not having an army. The nation has a long history with a blend of indigenous heritage. The country provides education and healthcare to all. While Spanish is the official language, a large number of people speak English.  The people are laid-back, happy, and friendly. They love to share their cultural riches. Families have great importance in Costa Rican culture. You will find families playing soccer on the beach or barbequing on Sundays. All these make Costa Rica a great destination to visit with family.
  • Established Tourism: Costa Rica is all set for tourism. It is of the top tourism locations in the industry. One can plan a family trip and find suitable activities, hotels, locations, and transport without many hassles. Many Costa Rican hotels and restaurants are set for kids. Hotels often provide cribs to families traveling with babies. Some hotels also have bunk beds for older children. Some of them offer special menus for picky kids. Getting rental cars is also relatively easy.

Getting to Costa Rica With Your Family

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A large number of nationalities including the USA, UK, EU, and Canada do not require a visa to visit Costa Rica. The San Jose airport serves as the main gateway to Costa Rica. It is directly connected to major airports.

Safety Element

Safety is of paramount importance for traveling with family. Costa Rica is safe if you follow the general precautions one needs to take for visiting a foreign country.  Tourists visiting Costa Rica sometimes fall victim to petty theft, pick-pocketing, and snatching purses. So, as in any other American or European city, visitors need to stay vigilant and will not be prey to them. One should avoid isolated places and not flash high-value items. Never keep things unattended or leave valuables in a parked car.

Best Time To Visit With Your Family

The dry season is the best time for family vacations in Costa Rica.  The window from mid-December to April has plenty of sunshine and a little rain. In case you do not mind getting a little wet, you can visit from May to November. There is little crowd then and prices are also on the lower side.

Best Places To Visit With Your Family

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Costa Rica is ideal for a family vacation.  You can visit the following family-friendly destinations.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park: It boasts wonderful beaches and rainforests and is the most popular place to visit.
  • Mistico Hanging Bridges Park: It lets one experience the rainforest. Situated outside of La Fortuna it allows watching waterfalls and wildlife
  • Take a Chocolate Tour: Kids love chocolates and they will enjoy the Don Olivo chocolate tour.
  • Visit Guanacaste Beaches:  Guanacaste province is home to some of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Your kids will enjoy them.
  • Baldi and Kalambu Hot Springs: They have designated areas for kids with water slides and pools to enjoy.
  • La Paz Waterfall Gardens: They offer an educational guide on Costa Rican wildlife for kids.
  • La Fortuna Waterfall: It happens to be the most stunning family destination for picnics and dipping into crystal clear waters.
  • Ecoglide Arenal Park: Located in San Carlos, the park is a family-friendly destination with zip-lining and canopy tours.

In Passing

Costa Rica has something for everyone.  Spending your family vacation in Costa Rica delivers an unforgettable experience that you will cherish forever. Now that you have a fair knowledge of the country, you can easily plan a family visit. Bon voyage!

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