Finding Hospitals in Costa Rica

You may have heard about the excellent health care service of Costa Rica, but what does that mean for travelers? Which hospitals should you visit in the emergency? This article will guide you to find the best medical hospitals in Costa Rica.

Best Hospitals for foreigners and ex-pats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica- the trending beach town, where you will get enamored by the beautiful beaches, sunsets-scenic beauty, a wide array of activities, and favorable cost of living. And all of these have made this place one of the favorite vacation spots for foreigners and ex-pats. From Young to older, people who land in Costa Rica are eager to participate in different activities- looking forward to spending quality time by the beach at an affordable price.

But are you planning to stay in the land of “Pura Vida” for a while, or do you want to stay for a longer duration- be that as it may, it is necessary to be prepared for everything in case something goes wrong? Because at the time of an unexpected emergency or even scheduling a routine appointment, accessing the country’s medical system should be your first priority.

Well, it’s natural to wonder about the cost, whether the healthcare is standard enough, or what kind of treatment you will get as an ex-pat or a traveler. Here is a complete guide for you regarding the best hospitals, their services, and the ambulance services as well.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Private Hospitals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica provides one of the best healthcare services in Central America- both in public and private sectors, and both continuously strive to stay updated with contemporary medicines.

Over the past sixty years, Costa Rica’s Social Security system, CCCS- or also called ‘la CAJA’ has established over 250 clinics and 29 public hospitals in there, which cover all the major populated areas of this country.

If you personally prefer visiting private hospitals and live on the West side of the city center, Hospital CIMA is one to visit for your medical requirements. Hospital CIMA is a part of a group of several international Hospitals based in Texas and is popular among English-speaking people. In San Jose, Hotel Clinica Biblica is also popular among English-speaking staff. Whereas, Hospital la Catolica in the Guadalupe suburb is famous for its advanced treatment, friendliness, and good behavior of the teams. You can easily catch a taxi or a car from the center of the capital to get there.

Here are some details about these hospitals

  1. Hospital CIMA San Jose

Address- San Jose, San Rafael, Costa Rica

Phone- +506 2208 1000

Address- San Jose, Avenida 14, Calle 1 Y Central, Costa Rica

WhatsApp- +506 8529 2100

Phone- +506 2522 1000

Address- San Antonio de Guadalupe Goicoechea, Costa Rica

phone- +506 2247 3000

Public Hospitals in Costa Rica

While most of the private hospitals of Costa Rica are in the San José area, there are plenty of public hospitals as well. These public hospitals are equally spread all over the country. Here we have presented some of the best public hospitals for ex-pats and visitors. Even though, as a traveler, private hospitals may be your first choice to visit, but it’s worth having knowledge about the public hospital system as well.

Limón Province Hospitals

Hospital Tony Facio Castro

Address- In front of the ICE’s main offices

Limón, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2758 2222

Hospital Guápiles

Address- Av 7, Limón

Guápiles, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2710 6801

Puntarenas Province Hospitals

Hospital de Ciudad Neily

Address- From the main entrance to Ciudad Neily 2 kilometers road to Paso Canoas, adjacent to the gas station

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2785 9600

Golfito Hospital Manuel Mora Valverde

Address- 14, Puntarenas Province

Golfito, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2775 7800

Hospital Monseñor Víctor Manuel Sanabria Martínez

Address- 31, Provincia de Puntarenas

El Roble, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2630 8000

Alajuela Province Hospitals

San Rafael Hospital

Address- Radial Francisco J. Orlich

Alajuela Province, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2436 1001

Hospital San Carlos

Address- 141, Barrio San Roque

Provincia de Alajuela, Cd Quesada, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2401 1200

Hospital Carlos Luis Valverde Vega

Address- 3GVJ+424, Provincia de Alajuela

San Ramón, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2456 9700

Cartago Province Hospitals

Hospital Max Peralta Jiménez

Address: C. 2, Provincia de Cartago

Cartago, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2550 1999

William Allen Taylor Hospital

Address: 10, Cartago Province

Turrialba, Costa Rica

Phone: +506 2558 1300

Guanacaste Province Hospitals

Hospital La Anexión de Nicoya

Address: Santa Lucía, Guanacaste Province

Nicoya, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2685 5066

Hospital Enrique Baltodano Briceño – Liberia

Address: 918, Moracia, Provincia de Guanacaste

Liberia, 50101, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2690 9700

Heredia Province Hospitals

San Vicente de Paúl Hospital (Hospital de Heredia)

Address: 700 m. sur del Estadio Eladio Rosabal Cordero

Heredia, Costa Rica

Phone: + 506 2562 8100

Do all hospitals in Costa Rica offer better health services?

After the civil war, the country decided to put an end to the military and instead wanted to invest and focus on the country’s healthcare facility. Since then, many people have opted for Costa Rica to get the best treatments. It is true that Costa Rica offers well-regarded healthcare facilities, but sadly there are only a few of them.

There may be no access to private hospitals in remote areas or tourist places. But if you are in dire need of medical care or looking for a routine check-up, then it’s worth investigating about the public sector. Don’t think of it as bad instead, you can save a great deal of money, time, and hassle not only on the medical expenses but your travel expenses will get managed too. One fact is, any travel which needs emergency medical evaluation is billed right away to the patient and later transported them to a private facility.

Is there any difference between the Public and Private hospital systems in Costa Rica?

The public healthcare system, or CAJA, runs the public hospital system of Costa Rica, which is why it can offer strong medical services. However, the hospital setting and environment are a bit chaotic, and non-Spanish speaker may find it challenging to navigate the system, but overall it’s not bad.

On the other hand, Private system hospitals are designed to cater to people with the treatment they experience at the “back home.” English-speaking people no longer need to worry about language barriers.

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