Top Things To Do In La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is known as the capital of adventure and it is the place where one can enjoy the outdoor activities of Costa Rica. If you are looking for a fun place, then La Fortuna, Costa Rica is the most recommendable one.

You can enjoy a couple of things in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, from small-town, eateries, to the nightlife; the tourists will get all kinds of fun activities. So, if you are planning a trip to La Fortuna, Costa Rica, then this article will help you by providing the complete information.  

Best all-inclusive resorts in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Paradise Hot Springs

Paradise hot springs are a thermal water resort and the place is known for relaxation and well-being. They offer relaxation services through natural thermal water which will take place at different temperatures. The guest can enjoy the on-site bar and also all the rooms are equipped with the required entertainment facilities. This place is located near La Fortuna airport, and here you will get an excellent location.

The Springs Resort and Spa at Arenal

If you want to experience the views of the Arenal volcano and valley, then this resort is the best place. You can view the entire panoramic view of the Arenal valley from anywhere in the room. They also offer services like massage, beauty treatment, floating water massage, and body wraps using therapeutic volcano clay.

Couple resorts in La Fortuna, Costa Rica:

Nayara Gardens

Nayara garden is a luxury boutique hotel and it is one of the best couple resorts in La Fortuna. Here you can do a lot of adventurous activities like safari riding, horseback riding, spa, volcanic mud treatments, and others. You can enjoy Costa Rica cuisine and also in the wine bar you can find South American, and Spanish wines, and Canapes.

Noah’s Forest by Tifakara

Noah’s forest resort is located just one kilometer from the center of La Fortuna. Inside the resort, there is a river running through, and also it has a beautiful lake. Here you can enjoy the spectacular views of Arenal volcano and under the guidance of the staff; you can find sloths, frogs, and other animals of different varieties. Here you can get luxury and comfort, and it will create a unique and memorable experience.

Family Vacation in La Fortuna, Costa Rica:

Baldi Hot Springs Hotel Resort & Spa

La Fortuna is not only for adventurous trips and couples, but also it is for the family who wanted to enjoy a trip together. This resort has pools, amenities, play areas, waterslides, colorful lighting, and expansive grounds.

Also, they offer rooms in different categories, so depending on the budget, you can choose a room. If you have more budgets then you can try the Junior Suite, which is more spacious and comfortable.

Casa Luna Hotel & Spa

Casa Luna hotel & spa is a boutique hotel, and it features the best views of Arenal volcano and Cerro Chato. The resort offers rooms of different types, such as the standard rooms being cozy and warm, and the superior rooms, and suites will add more space. The swimming pool, kid’s pool, and Jacuzzi on-site will keep your kids entertained.  

Arenal Country Inn

The Arenal Country Inn is considered a decent option for the family members to stay, and depending on the family size, they will get plenty of options to choose the room. The outdoor pool, rooms surrounded by trees and tropical plants, and the view of the volcano make this place the best one.

Getaways in La Fortuna, Costa Rica:

Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa

If you are planning a private getaway, then this is the best place you can prefer. The rooms are large and modern, and they offer unlimited access to the property’s onsite. Some of the best activities are waterfall rappelling, hiking, or rafting activities.  

Arenal Kioro Suites and Spa

Arenal Kioro suites and spa is the perfect family getaway, and the view of the hotel is one of the best things to consider. The best part of the resort is that it is surrounded by two streams, La Palma and Kioro, and they flow from the Arenal Volcano National Park.

Group Getaway Locations in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Ecotermales Fortuna

If you are planning group getaways, the Ecotermales Fortuna is the one that you should go to. It will allow only a limited number of guests, and it will provide a private and relaxing oasis during the vacation. There are totally five pools and the one with the cascading waterfall.

Baldi Hot Springs

This is the best resort to relax and also recommended place for a group getaway all their thermal waters are 100% pure and safe for enjoyment. You can get relaxed together in the spring water which is free from all the contamination.

5 Things To Do In La Fortuna, Costa Rica

There are many best tourist activities in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, but if you are planning for a short trip, then don’t miss the following areas;

Number 1: Visit Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridge Park

Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, La Fortuna, Costa Rica, South America” by dconvertini is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Mistico Arenal hanging bridge hangs high above the rainforest and it is considered one of the most iconic places in Costa Rica. You can roam around the forest for 2 to 3 hours, and there are a total of 16 bridges, of which 6 bridges are hanging. You will have a lot of the best time, as there will be waterfalls and wildlife on the way.

Number 2: Hike the Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna is an impossible and visible place from the town, and if you want you can also take a hike from this place. This is one of the best touring spots, and you can enjoy the waterfalls and volcano view which is the best thing to see. But make sure you are hiking only in the lower part of the volcano, as they won’t allow you to reach the top. During hiking, you won’t get the entire view of the volcano but it is the best spot to enjoy La Fortuna.

Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica, South America” by dconvertini is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Number 3: Search For Sloths In The Bogarin Trail

If you are planning to see a sloth in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, then never this place. This is the place where you can see a lot of wildlife, and also there are plenty of other sloths located in La Fortuna. It would be the best idea to take a tourist guide along with you, as the tour guide knows which tree to look at, and where the wildlife creature to hide. If you are planning to go by yourself then it is 5 to 10 minutes from La Fortuna.

File:Two-toed sloth Costa Rica – cropped.jpg” by derivative work: Stevenj (talk) Original photo by Leyo. is licensed under CC BY 2.5.

Number 4: Drive The Scenic Route to Monteverde via Lake Arenal

One of the best things about the Arenal volcano is Lake Arenal, and it would be the best chilling post for the tourist to visit. If you visit the lake, then you won’t leave the place easily, as it is one of the most beautiful spots.

Most tourists will plan to go to Monteverde through La Fortuna, but if you want to experience something best, then the boat journey is preferred.

Lake Arenal, La Fortuna, Costa Rica, South America” by dconvertini is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Number 5: Chill Out in Arenal Hot Springs

Arenal springs are one of the top and best things to do in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, and if you are on a tour, then never miss this place. Here, in this place, you will get a chance to immerse your body in nature and thermal waters. As the Arenal volcano erupted, it resulted in this beautiful place, and you can reach this place in plenty of ways.

If you are looking for something, then go and visit Tabacon hot springs, it has a 5-star hotel in the same place. There are also some thermal pools, don’t miss that, and you will find accommodation of your convenience.

Best Places To Eat

La Fortuna is not only for outdoor activities and adventurous trips but is also considered best for the food. After a tiring day of trekking or hiking, you need to sit somewhere and eat the food relaxing enjoying the view;

Some best restaurants are;

Café Mediterraneo

It is located south of the town center, and here you can get wood-fired pizza and some freshly made pasta which is the best thing to eat in this place.

Flying Tomato

Flying tomato is La Fortuna’s all-vegetarian restaurant, and you will find only vegan dishes but still, the menu will be dynamic.

Kappa Sushi

If you want to try some fresh and best sushi, then Kappa sushi is the one you need to try. The menu is offering standards like nigiri, gyoza, and classic rolls and everything will come with outstanding quality.

Nene’s Restaurant

You can try this restaurant only for lunch and dinner, and the place offers creative plates of broiled, steamed, and fried fish. Here the menu is a monster as you will get everything from burgers, and pasta, to cocktails.

What To Do On A Budget

La Fortuna is home to many tourist spots and activities, so you will find a lot of places to wander in the street. If you are planning for a low-budget trip, then you can try the free activities or tourist spots available in the place. Here are some of the free things to do;

  • If you are looking for an adventurous activity and something that will bring an adrenaline rush, then go to El Salto. This place is easy to reach and also completely free
  • La Fortuna is a place where you can see a lot of parks and it will keep you alive. You can enjoy the view for free
  • Experience Cataratas La Fortuna and this place has the most beautiful waterfalls

Best Time Of The Year To Visit

La Fortuna is one of the most beautiful places to visit, but still, if you visit the place at the right time, then you can see more stunning views. The best time to visit La Fortuna is the tropical year-round, as the rainy season will go from May to December and the sunny season will start from mid-December to April.

If you visit the place in the dry season then it will be more crowded so plan accordingly. For the outdoor activities, you can plan the trip in dry weather but still, there is a chance to get rain.

Is it safe in La Fortuna, Costa Rica?

Yes, La Fortuna is not only the best place but also the safest place to visit. Even when compared to all the places in Costa Rica, La Fortuna is the safest place of all.

Even though there are not many activities available at night to do, still you can walk at night as it is extremely safe.

La Fortuna is the best place worth spending your time and money on, even though it is a little bit expensive, still you can plan it under your budget. So go and visit the place to get the adrenal rush activities.

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