Essential Info to Vacationing in Liberia, Costa Rica

You must have heard about Liberia, Costa Rica and maybe planning a visit there. Here are answers to the questions that are for sure to rise in your mind.

What is Liberia, Costa Rica is known for?

Located in the Guanacaste province in the northwest part of Costa Rica, Liberia excels as an excellent tourist destination. The area is also known for its beaches and water sports opportunities, colonial atmosphere, rich history, and national parks.

Where is Liberia, Costa Rica on a map?

Liberia sits in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. Spanish colonizers founded the city in the 18th century. The city is located along the Liberia River, 134 miles (215 kilometers)  in the northwest of San José, the capital of Costa Rica. The Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport is only 8 miles (13 kilometers) west of the city. It is a major tourist spot in Costa Rica. One can reach it by land or air. The decimal latitude and longitude coordinates for Liberia, Costa Rica are 10.63504 and -85.43772. The DMS latitude and longitude coordinates are 10º38’6.14” N and 85º26’15.79” W.

Is Liberia, Costa Rica safe for tourists?

Liberia, Costa Rica is a nice place to visit because of its beaches, climate, wildlife,  and adventure opportunities. Tourism is the main source of earning revenue in Costa Rica. According to the Embassy of Costa Rica in Washington DC, over 1.7 million tourists visit Costa Rica each year. And most of them are from the United States and Canada. While it is generally safe to visit Liberia, Costa Rica, it has some tourist safety issues that are common in Latin America. For a stress-free experience, it is better to avoid isolated places and not to wear valuable jewelry & watches. One should always stay alert in public transport and never leave anything unattended. Always use an authorized Taxi and never walk alone at night. One should also buy travel insurance.

Best things to do in Liberia, Costa Rica

Nestled in the northwest region, Liberia is an ideal place for enjoying tropical beaches, exploring nearby rainforests, and hiking the volcanic terrains. It is one of the oldest towns in Costa Rica and offers enough opportunities to learn the history of the region. Listed below are some of the best outdoor activities you can do in Liberia.

1.  Explore the largest active volcano in Costa Rica

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano offers the best outdoor adventure in Liberia, Costa Rica. Located in the northeast of the town and it is ideal for a one-day trip. The terrain of the volcano is shrouded in clouds and will test your guts as you hike or bike through the terrain. You will watch volcanic landscapes and impressive geothermal activities in the bubbling mud pots and end the day soaking in a natural thermal spring. December to February offers the best visiting experience. One should carry food and water as it is a remote area.

2. Whitewater Rafting on the Tenorio River

Tenorio River has big rapids and causes huge adrenaline secretion. In case you are for thrills, it can provide you with the best experience. June to October is the best time to enjoy the roaring rapids. One can experience a variety of rapids of level III and IV with different degrees of difficulty. The class V rapids have a drop of 12 feet with a rush of adrenaline.  While younger kids can do rafting on the Lower Tenorio River, they have to be a minimum of 11 years for rafting on the Upper Tenorio River.

3. Enjoy a Riding Tour on Horseback

Rincón de la Vieja National Park has a diverse forest landscape. It has impressive waterfalls that demand a visit.  Oropendula Waterfall is the best of them with its 25 meters height. December to February is the ideal time to visit the area and avoid heavy rains that could limit your access to the trails. One can book a guided horseback riding tour to Oropendula Waterfall. The last part of the tour has to be done on foot. The tour lets one a unique opportunity to admire the rich flora and fauna of the place all through the tour.

4. Watch wildlife in Palo Verde National Park

It is one of the best activities you can do in Liberia, Costa Rica. It boasts a fascinating landscape with tropical dry forest and wetland. The park has above 800 plant species and more than 300 species of birds including the scarlet macaw, grey herons, etc. other than the birds and plants, the national park is also home to varieties of reptiles and amphibians including coral snakes, iguanas, crocodiles, and alligators. The place is best to visit in the dry season from December to April. It has many trails that let one observe the rich flora and fauna of the park.

5. Take a coffee tour

Costa Rica is famous for coffee which is one of the top exports of the country. A coffee tour will help you discover the growing, harvesting, and roasting the coffee beans. You will witness the secrets that yield the best coffee in the world. You can take a coffee tour throughout the year. You will also be able to enjoy the aroma of the freshly roasted coffee on the farm. Most coffee farms have small shops for buying coffee. You can get a small bag as a souvenir. The Tio Leo Coffee Tour is minutes away from the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport and is worth visiting.

6. Visit Playa Hermosa

A visit to Liberia remains incomplete without visiting Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste. It happens to be one of the best beaches near Liberia. One should preferably visit it during the sunnier days from December to March for sunbathing. Located around 35 kilometers west of Liberia, it boasts calm and clear blue water that is perfect for swimming and water sports. It offers snorkeling, stand-up paddling, and surfing. The best time for water sports is from May to December. One can also enjoy the romantic experience of sunset there.

7. Visit Museo de Guanacaste

Set in the old Liberian quarter, Museo de Guanacaste was an armory and jailhouse in the past. It also hosted military regiments and government officials. It was transformed into a museum after the abolition of the military regime. The place now stands as an example of the abolition of the army. Visiting there, one can have a glimpse of the history of the region. The Museo de Sabanero is also located nearby, it showcases the local cowboy culture and is also one of the best Liberian attractions. One can visit year round and enjoy indoor exhibitions.

8. Surf at Witch’s Rock

Liberia beaches belong to Guanacaste’s Gold Coast and draw surfers from across the world to enjoy an almost endless variety of breaks. No matter if you are a professional surfer or preparing for the first lessons, the place suits everyone. Witch’s Rock happened to be one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica. Swells can reach her up to 8 meters, and the scenic rocky backdrop makes the place worth visiting. Plenty of surfing schools are there. Since the place is located in the Santa Rosa National park, no accommodation is available. Surfers arrive here by boat, surf for a few hours, and go back to where they stay.

9. Visit Hidden Garden Art Gallery

It is around 5 kilometers from the airport and happens to be a haven for arts. The gallery boasts 15 rooms that showcase art pieces of several local artists. Different rooms hold different styles of art pieces that include paintings, sculptures, etc. Visiting there, you can have a look at different styles from geometric art to traditional art, and underwater images. The gallery is also to permanent exhibits by their resident artists. Its marvelous architecture makes it an ideal cultural center for highlighting the works of local artists and sharing Costa Rican culture. It is one of the best activities you can do in Liberia.

Is it worth visiting Liberia, Costa Rica?

Liberia is in the Guanacaste province which boasts beautiful national parks, green flora, and varieties of wildlife. With all this, Liberia happens to be a tourist paradise. Many tours are also available from Liberia. The place is worth visiting.

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